We Have A New GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Its Super Easy… (Unlimited Money)

17 Dec

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We Have A New GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Its Super Easy... (Unlimited Money)

We Have A New GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Its Super Easy… (Unlimited Money)

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Founder: Rolleezy & Bmxer300zx


– 1 friend needed

– Benny’s car to dupe (most profit for $ $ ) or any car you want to duplicate.

– Invite only session (new session per dupe)

– both you and friend need moc’s and pv storage

– duper needs a Rh8 in their moc pv storage.

– friend needs a pv stored in their moc
(best if it’s a normal car)


1. you and friend both request your moc’s and have them close by each other, then have friend drive their pv out of their moc.

2. Call a Elegy Retro from mechanic stored in apt/ceo/garage and park it nearby.

3. Enter friends car and have them go to back of their moc and get R-dpad option.

4. Have friend toss 2 grenades quick beside moc (not behind it, along side it) and hit R-dpad/start quickly after to get frozen behind moc.

5. If done correctly, grenades will explode and you (duper) will be kicked from friends car invisible & otr.
***if you are not invisible check tips***

6. Once invisible/otr your friend needs to unpause, then hit R-dpad and enter their moc alone and sit in their car.

7. When friend is in their moc enter your car you want to duplicate outside, once inside car tell friend to leave to creator.
(Friend can go to a new invite session once in creator)

8. Once friend leaves session you will get a black screen and then respawn with the duplicated car and brand new plates from the rh8 in your moc.

9. Take the duped car to your moc and drive it inside and duplication is done!

** Steps to setup next dupe.

Take duplicated car to a empty garage spot, order a new rh8 to your moc and join friend in their new invite session (from step 7) and repeat steps 1 – 9.


***If you don’t become invisible when kicked from friends car and have a loading symbol in bottom right corner wait till mini map comes back to normal, loading sign goes away (about 1 min or so) and try again***

Don’t hang out for to long invisible/otr because after a minute or so you will be glitched back to normal and dupe will not work.

If throwing grenades is to hard or not working correctly go to 7:40 in video for parking in traffic method.

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