How to get 1.26 OFW USB GTA 5 Online Mod Menu Ps3

20 Jan

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Menu Download :


Tools Needed For Full Tutorial
Blank USB High Storage 32GB Plus ( For Backup )
Low Storage USB Up to 2GB (For Mod Menu)
Windows PC/Laptop
Computer Stage All Thats Needed Is
Low Storage USB

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Why cant I play with friends on PS3?
This mod menu acts as a online lobby bypass not allowing friends to join or you to join friends

I cant find My BLES or Blus?
Look on side of GTAV Ps3 Box

Is their an xbox Menu?
Not that I know of

How do I use the menu?
Video Coming soon

My menu keeps freezing?
Don’t open a lot of menus at once and offline don’t use some of the larger menus as they tend to lag a lot

Will I get banned? Like I said anything you do in this video is not my fault I am showing a simple easy tutorial for you guys to follow I take no responsibility if you get a virus or even BANNED but in my experience I’ve had 2 accounts banned on ps4 for posting on community’s but not permanent ban.

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Steps To Follow:
1.Click On The Download Link and download the menu
2.Download WinRAR 32-64bit
3.Drag the download onto main desktop
4.left click and press extract to then click your BLANK usb
5.before pulling usb out press extract usb or extract files
6.Turn ps3 on and go to setting and if not done backup your system with large blank USB (Not one with mods on)
7.After done go to settings again and follow the rest of the steps on the video

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