GTA V Menyoo PC – Full Guide for Cinematics TUTORIAL | Rockstar Editor

13 May

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♫ Music Credits ♫
“Unity” – Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative By Attribution 4.0


Ⓜ Mods I Use Ⓜ
ScriptHook by Alexander

Simple Trainer by

Scene Director by

Menyoo PC by

Skin Control by

Green Screen Mod by

Open IV and Open


Animation Viewer by

Time Scaler by

Extended Video Export by

Texture Edits by whanowa

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� FAQ �
Why do you make these lame tutorials when we wanna see real machinima?
– I know the target audience for these tutorials is pretty small. But if I would inspire only a single creator to start their own machinima channel, my goal is completed.

Didn’t you get some facts wrong here?
– If I did I apologize. But this is how I do it. If you know a better way, please share it with the community.

Can you rate my machinima?
– No. I don’t have the time. I’m working around the clock to produce my own content.

✈ Timecodes ✈
0:00 Intro
3:04 Installation & Settings
6:25 Player Options
18:50 Vehicle Options
23:16 Teleport Options
25:27 Weapon Options
28:13 Time, Weather & VisionHax
33:33 Object Spooner
50:19 Best Practices
55:40 Outro

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