GTA 5 The Pacific Standard Job Money Glitch Online Xbox One/PS4/PC

13 Oct

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Here is the step on how to do the money glitch on GTA 5 Online.
1. Complete all the setups for the final heist.
2. Start playing the finale with friends (optional)
3. if you are a host make a cut of 0% and give all money to other players (it has no matter how would you divide the cash between all players)
4. start playing as usual. When you enter the vault let one player to grab all the cash (he must not be a host!) and continue completing the heist with kuruma or teleport or whatever methods is best for you.
5. when you all done, let the guy who carries all the cash to drive the boat.
6. now, when whole the team would be passing the bridge you (if you are a host must disconnect from the network or just quit the game asap) or tell whoever is the host do it
7. the game would glitch now but in a few seconds you will see cutscenes and it would say that you have completed the heist.
8. if you did everything correctly it would let you to start it again, without timing, paying 100k for it and playing setups.

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Click Here - GTA 5 Money Generator