19 Feb

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Download for BLES 1.26 (ILL GOTTEN GAINS PT. 2):

Let me know if there are any issues with the download links and I will fix them, thanks.

Shoutout to D3aD3DiTZz for making these backups. 😀

DISCLAIMER: I, GtaHelp0515, am not responsible for any problems with your ps3 that occur in this process, although highly unlikely, there are always risks while doing something that modifies your ps3/game. This process will delete stuff such as game saves and I believe dlc content packs. To get the dlc back, just go back onto the account that has the dlc content, go to the store, downloads, and redownload anything that you’d like back. You also have a risk of getting cid banned if you’re playing online with this mod menu, stuff such as high amounts of money or rank will most likely result in a 2 week ban on your cid (ps3). Finally, you can only play with online players who have this modification on their ps3. Thanks for reading the disclaimer.

FAQ: 1. My game keeps freezing when I enable the mod menu…? ANSWER: Try not to use the apii menu in SP, I noticed that freezes me quite often as well. I recommend using the console trainer menus as they’re stable and I didn’t encounter any freezing. 2. My game gets stuck while installing. ANSWER: This is because you have not downloaded the correct region for the mod menu; blxs. So if you’re unsure on which one to download, check the side of your game case and it will say bles or blus. 3. Can we play with friends in an invite only? ANSWER: Unless your friends are using this modification, no. 4. Can we delete the mod menu? ANSWER: Yes, it’s quite simple. Go to the xmb, game data utility, and delete the gta v update (1.xx). I don’t think it’ll be labeled as update, so you’ll have to click on each one and read its information until you find the update version of 1.xx. 5. Will my game saves and dlc get deleted? ANSWER: Yes, but the dlc is quite easy to re-download. Game saves on the other hand, no. The only way to save games is to back them up on a USB and upload them after the process is done. To re-download dlc, simply go on the account that you purchased or downloaded the dlc on, then go to the store, go to the downloads section, find the dlc you’d like back, and click download next to it to get your dlc back. 6. If I do get banned, will my ps4/xb1 account get banned, too? ANSWER: There is always a risk as rockstar may in fact not perform a cid ban, but an account ban. If rockstar performs only a cid ban, it is unlikely that your accounts on ng will be banned, but there is always a slim chance.

For those who are playing online and get stuck on the tutorial race, here’s a fix. *1. While loading into online, open your mod loader and enable console trainer v1. 2. Go to the camera menu. 3. Right before your character goes into the race, quickly go into free camera. 4. While in free camera, fly away from the race. 5. You will now be to a location other than the race marker. 6. Enable Slinky’s recovery menu. 7. Put a desired rank of your choice (such as rank 120). Anything higher than 30 should do. 8. Once you’ve applied the rank, you must play around for about 5 minutes after you’ve applied the rank. 9. After about 5 minutes, hold down on the dpad and switch to an SP character. 10. Once in sp, reload gta online and the tutorial will be bypassed (including the “stuck on the race.”)*

FIX FOR FREEZING WHILE GOING ONLINE!!! Hey guys, so I am well aware of the freezing while going online issue. Unfortunately, I am not at my setup, so I couldn’t test anything. But fortunately, someone found a fix: Click the link to find a text tutorial to get online. And a big shoutout goes to +RadioactiveMonster FTW for the quick fix and his research. Check him out and subscribe.

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