GTA 5 Online: Get ANY CAR From Creator + Money Glitch after 1.36 (PS4 Only)

5 Nov

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– Grand Theft Auto 5
Consoles: PS4 Only



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Text Discussion Of Car Getting Bricked & How To Fix IT By MrFargus:

Ok. So after coming across the two main problems many times, my buddies and I have figured out solutions for them which have worked 100% so for about 50 dupes so far…

1. If your character tries to get into the passenger seat of the car you’re trying to rip your friend out of, jump on/in another vehicle (pulls you in automatically), buy something (if you don’t it will lock the door of the car your buddy is in), back out, do dpad right and y before you get off, and then you should rip your friend out.

2. If the door is locked: have your friend get out, and let him back in and you should just be able to go around and rip him out without having to get in/on another vehicle and get pulled in. If there isn’t enough room for you to get in the passenger seat of the car in slot 10 due to space restrictions, you can also follow step 3 if you are using slot 9 to dupe (useful with 2 story MC clubs).

3. If both doors are locked (you can’t get in to the car in slot 10 and neither can your friend): switch the duped car back to the original position (10), let your friend in, dupe the car to slot 9 (or whatever slot you were using) and you should be able to rip your friend out and get sucked in.

4. If you get in the car and nothing happens (this happened very rarely but it did): follow the steps for if the door is locked (number 2 or 3) if you rip your friend out and nothing continues to happen then the game didn’t recognize the dpad right input (which occasionally happens with this glitch) — let your friend in, get on/in another vehicle and dpad right and Y again and it should let your rip your friend out.

We also found that the MC clubs with one floor have a glitch where if you move a vehicle into slot 1 the blue circle will sometimes disappear. If you leave the club and re-enter it occasionally will re-appear but it was very rare. We had to switch sessions most of the time when it happened to get it back. Best to leave slot 1 for the very last dupe if you want to fill your garage up. The circle won’t disappear until you leave the vehicle management window, so, move the faggio from slot 1 and then dupe over the faggio without leaving the VM menu in between.

Hope this helps!

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