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I’m going to tell you about a “GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.37” for this video. A very easy & simple “GTA 5 Money Glitch” video. Lots of requests for another “GTA 5 Car Duplication Glitch 1.37” video, so here it is for you guys. Unfortunately, this isn’t a “GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.37 SOLO” as it’s difficult to get SOLO “GTA 5 Glitches” such as “Money Glitches.”

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1) Invite friend to your garage and both get in retro elegy and drive out.

2) When outside ask friend to press down on dpad and select story mode character. He must remain on the black alert screen now until you are finished duping.

3) Drive back in garage. Your friend should slide over into driver side as you get out. ***If he gets out too you will need to find new session and try again.***

4) Go to management blue circle and switch retro in slot 3 to slot 6.
***You must wait for all cars to reappear before next step***
Go and open the car door in slot 6 and leave open(helps with speed)

***These next steps must all be done very very fast so memorise before moving on as you have split seconds to complete***

***Run at management circle and press right on dpad so you are halfway to retro car when menu appears.***

5) Rapidly swap slot 3 with slot 4 then slot 5 to slot 6 (note 5&6 will appear not to have swapped that is correct)

6) Run to retro and get in as fast as you can, spam right on dpad to go in modshop.

7) As soon as you see modshop animation appear spam A (Xb1) or X (PS4)
If you were fast enough the mod menu will appear. Change anything immediately by hitting up or down Dpad(arrow) while pressing A.
You only get 1 sec so press any change you can.

8) If you managed to buy a mod the car will disappear. Walk to lift and go back to garage and there should be a retro in slot 5 and 6.

9) To do next dupe swap the retro in slot 5 with a normal elegy from anywhere in your garages. Now start again from STEP 5

The closer you can get your character to the car by running through the blue circle and selecting menu the easier it will be.

If the car disappears in modshop and you never seen a menu then :-
A) You were too slow overall
B) You starting spamming A or X before the modshop appeared i.e. on the black screen.

It may be possible to gain more time by accelerating after you click to go in modshop.

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