GTA 5 MOD MENU Xbox One Download Xbox One Modding Updated 2020

23 Apr

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If You’re Reading This I Love You.

Yo guys, so in this video im gonna show you something that i have found myself and thought it was worth uploading for you guys to see and do as well!

You do not need a jtag or rgh xbox one to do this. You dont even need a usb!

The only things you will need is a pc and a xbox one.
If your pc isnt good for gaming etc, then dont worry because neither is mine. This is basically the only game ive found that runs smoothly on my pc.
As long as you can load the game and can do what i show in the video, then it still works!

I was going to show how to do health bars and such as well, but i didnt want the video being too long, since no one wants to watch a 20-30minute video lol

Be sure to ask for help if you get stuck on anything as well!

If you found this useful and would also like me to upload more tuts on stuff like that, then be sure to give this video a LIKE!


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