Easy SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Online Money Glitch $10,000,000 In 1 Hour 100% Legit (GTA 5 Money Glitch) 1.42

28 Dec

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Easy SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Online Money Glitch ,000,000 In 1 Hour 100% Legit (GTA 5 Money Glitch) 1.42

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1. Drive Faggio outside of Facility – Go back inside Facility Go to Heist Preparation Room start any Setup or heist up stay on confim
screen & ask any friend or anyone in the lobby to start up any random job example (A Titain of a job) Join him & stay on the alert screen (are you sure you want to join)
**NOTE!!** You can do this in an invite only session tell your friend to stay in the job until you are done duplicating 10 cars & take turns 🙂 since in an invite only session make sure your friend dosen’t invite you
as you will get a message CAN NOT JOIN you need an invite something like that 🙂
Tell him to leave the job & now confirm the screen and you will get sent back to your facility & the glitch is working enjoy.
2. Drive elegy retro OR ANY LOWRIDER to the yellow exit bunker circle.
3. Have it facing the other cars stored in the facility (toward the side that has the vehicle management circle). And the drivers side against the little pole thing where the circle is.
4. Sandwich the other side with the faggio/elegy rh8 so you can teleport in and out of the retro.
5. Go on the driver’s side of the retro.
6. Stand in yellow circle and press x and triangle at same time or A and Y on xbox.
7. If done correctly you should see character teleport into car but then see them pressing the buttons to exit the facility.
8. You should end up outside in the retro and the plates will have changed.Drive retro to your moc. Drive out and back in. Walk out of your MOC.
9. Once you have entered then exited the MOC you should no longer be in passive. Start up Mc club and then u can request faggios
10. Request new faggio and just leave it outside or if using elegys call mechanic an have 1 delivered. Go in and repeat putting cars into place to teleport.

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